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Thank You

The Haiyan Recital Series has been a huge success and thank you to everyone who took part. We are thrilled with the amount raised. With gift aid the total was: £10394.25
We thoroughly enjoyed making music and raising awareness of the good work done by the British Redcross.
All funds have gone direct to the British Redcross.



In Putney we auctioned off a signed copy of "The Odyssey of the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble".
At our next event in Cardiff, we have signed Denis Wick Trombone and Trumpet mutes up for auction.
Plus our very own polo shirts are available!
to put in an anonymous reserve bid, or order a shirt. email:


As you can see the Haiyan storm has caused huge devastation and people really need our help.  

During my time in Hong Kong, I met my lovely wife Rose Marie, who is from Batangas city in the Philippines.  
Fortunately our relatives are so far unaffected,  but many of our friends and people we hold dear have been, so we felt compelled to raise awareness and funds, through what we do best, music.
Our first concert in Orptington was a roaring success, with over £6000 raised and lots more music making planned.

This inspired us to set up the "Haiyan Recital Series"  and launch the professional brass ensemble
The Haiyan Soloists

Our first concert was in Orptington and was a roaring success. Over £6000 raised and wonderful music was heard. 





     Health Kick and Weight Loss

     2013 was a good year and saw the start of my new hobby as a long distance runner. I've met some fantastic fellow runners throughout the world on my musical travels and now run regularly with the Chiltern Harriers. Its a great sport, hugely rewarding and has aided me in losing 32kg in weight and maintaining a steady running pace of 8mins/mile. 


  Cardiff Feb '14                            Half Marathon March '14                                       Pre Weight Loss: Prague Jan '13

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